Apollo PVC Insulation Tape

Opp Tape

Aluminium Glass Tape

Value 1/8'' - 3/4''

1/8'' - 5/8''

Tube Spring Bender Set

Washable Air Filter


Outdoor Bracket 1hp

Outdoor Bracket 1hp - 1.5hp

Outdoor Bracket 2hp - 2.5hp


Single Hand Torch

Dual Tube Torch




Water Sensor for Trane Chiller

Suction Elbow O Ring for CDHG Trane Chiller

Oil Tank Pressure Sensor for CVHG Trane Chiller

Ceiling Cassette Cleaning Canvas

Wall Mounted Cleaning Cover 1hp - 1.5hp

Wall Mounted Cleaning Cover 2hp - 3hp

Dish Wash Concentrated

Fly Repellent

5 in 1 Concentrated Liquid Detergent

1 - 1.5hp

2 - 3hp

Emerson - ZR94KC-TFD-522




3 Way Extension Socket

Mega Cable 1.5mm

4 Way Extension Socket

Emerson EK-163

Emerson EK-164

Emerson EK-165

Bolt and Nut 5/16'' x 1''

Bolt and Nut 3/8'' x 1''

Bolt and Nut 3/8ĄŻĄŻ x 1 1/4''

Lutian LT211G-1300

Europa Hilt EHP1300


5/8'' x 3/8''

3/4'' x 3/8''

7/8'' x 3/8''

Infrared Thermometer Instruction Manual


Hongsen R22 to R410A

Value VRM2-B-0701

Value VMG-2-R32-B

Akashi Fron R32 3kg

R134a 150g

Akashi Fron R32 7kg

Universal A/C Remote - K-1028E


Danfoss - 018F6252


Emerson EK163

Emerson EK164

Emerson EK165

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