Value 1/8'' - 3/4''

1/8'' - 5/8''

Tube Spring Bender Set

Washable Air Filter


Outdoor Bracket 1hp

Outdoor Bracket 1hp - 1.5hp

Outdoor Bracket 2hp - 2.5hp


Single Hand Torch

Dual Tube Torch




Water Sensor for Trane Chiller

Suction Elbow O Ring for CDHG Trane Chiller

Oil Tank Pressure Sensor for CVHG Trane Chiller

Ceiling Cassette Cleaning Canvas

Wall Mounted Cleaning Cover 1hp - 1.5hp

Wall Mounted Cleaning Cover 2hp - 3hp

Dish Wash Concentrated

Fly Repellent

5 in 1 Concentrated Liquid Detergent

1 - 1.5hp

2 - 3hp

Emerson - ZR94KC-TFD-522

R134a ND-OIL 8


R134a, R404A, R407C, R410A




3 Way Extension Socket

Mega Cable 1.5mm

4 Way Extension Socket

Emerson EK-163

Emerson EK-164

Emerson EK-165

Bolt and Nut 5/16'' x 1''

Bolt and Nut 3/8'' x 1''

Bolt and Nut 3/8ĄŻĄŻ x 1 1/4''

Lutian LT211G-1300

Europa Hilt EHP1300


5/8'' x 3/8''

3/4'' x 3/8''

7/8'' x 3/8''

Value Digital Anemometer

Victor Clamp Meter

Value Clamp Multimeter

Hongsen Single Manifod Gauge Set R410A, R22, R134a, R404A

Hongsen Single Manifold Gauge Set R410A, R22, R134a, R404A

Single Manifold Gauge Set R22, R12, R502

Bitop R32 500g

Akashi Fron R32 3kg

R134a 250g

Aircond Remote Control

Chunghop 1000 in 1 Universal Aircond Remote Control

1000 in 1 Universal Aircond Remote Control

Value Vacuum Pump 3.6m3/h

Value Vacuum Pump 7.2m3/h

Value Vacuum Pump Gauge

Hongsen 1/4''

Hongsen 3/8''

Hongsen 1/2''

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